Is the scheduled assignments of Bema Outreach to preach bi-monthly for two morning worship services on second Sundays at the Maryland State Prison Complex at Hagerstown, MD; for the monthly morning worship services each fourth Sunday at the Central Maryland Correctional Facility, Sykesville, MD; bi-monthly for the evening worship services on third Sundays at HED-EHU, the Pre-Release Unit at Hagerstown, MD; and he preaches each fourth Sunday afternoon service at the Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit, Charlotte Hall, MD.                                                


Is an annual Christmas advocacy ministry we provide for inmates to send a personal love letter to their children through our ministry with a monetary gift card which we supply in the inmate's letter through solicited donations. 



Is counseling assistance provided to married couples/individuals in emotional/spiritual dilemma/conflict who are seeking reconciliation in relationships and ultimate peace with God.  Elder Swanson is a Board-Certified Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with professional membership status in the National Christian Counselors Association. 


Is the Spirit-directed financial blessing given from our ministry to people or organizations in need for the purpose of encouraging them in their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, to the work of ministry, and to enable them to help others in dire emergency situations.   

C. A. Y. A. Men's Fellowship

Is an informal monthly fellowship breakfast meeting hosted specifically to encourage male ex-offenders in their Christian walk.  This outreach function provides advocacy, validation, affirmation, and encourages accountability in the re-entry process with the goal of building unquestionable integrity and personal confidence in each man. 

C.A.Y.A. Good News!

This is our monthly newsletter originated to highlight the positive accomplishments and activities of ex-offenders after prison release.  Articles are designed to minister encouragement to ex-offenders and more specifically, to those yet incarcerated.  This monthly publication is currently distributed to inmates in ten different prison locations, to the masses of recipients online, and it is mailed out to many by request. 


Is a coalition of pastors and leaders volitionally comprised to provide spiritual oversight, advisement, and counsel as necessitated by various circumstances spontaneously occurring in the Body of Christ as requested to ensure integrity and to promote wholesome character in church matters.